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Multi Sarana Industrindo sebagai agent dan distributor berbagai kebutuhan perusahaan anda dengan bermacam-macam merk dan product seperti + GF+ SI

Vertical Milling Machining Centres ECO1000

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16 / 03 / 2024
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Multi Sarana Industrindo sebagai agent dan distributor berbagai kebutuhan perusahaan anda dengan bermacam-macam merk dan product

Detail Vertical Milling Machining Centres ECO1000

Multi Sarana Industrindo menjual berbagai macam kebutuhan industri, seperti : metal conductivity tester, oil flow meter/oil control valve, paper thickness gauge, pressure gauge, alat ukur minyak, alat ukur makanan, alat ukur kimia, alat ukur metalurgi, alat ukur tenaga listrik, radiation detector, detektor radiasi, dosimeter alarm radiasi pribadi, alat detektor radiasi nuklir, Mesin Milling

Main Features:

1. The spindle group is assembled with imported bearings and equipped with a constant temperature cooling system for the spindle.The Z-axis adopts the design of no counterweight, with the function of automatic motor holding brake, which provides more perfect 3D machining performance for machining.
2. X/Y/Z axis adopts line rail design and C3 grade high precision ball screw. Linear rail precision grade P.
3. The high flow rate flushing system in the chassis flushes the chips to the rear chip conveyor, which is convenient and easy to clean. Chain plate type chip conveyor lifting system and chip collecting trolley are optional.


1. X/Y/Z axis travel: 1000×550×550mm
2. Distance from spindle center to column: 590mm
3. Distance from spindle nose to workable surface: 120/670mm
4. Mesa form: T-slot 18×5
5. Worktable size(L×W): 1000×550mm
6. Max.loading of worktable: 500kg
7. Spindle taper: BT40
8. Spindle speed: 8000rpm
9. Power transmission mode: Synchronous belt type
10. Main motor power(V/H): 15/22.5kw
11. Rapid feed speed(X/Y/Z): 36/36/36 m/min
12. Cutting feed: 1-16000mm/min
13. Minimum input unit: 0.001mm
14. Tool number: 24position
15. Tool selection method: Bothway
16. Tool change time: 1.5s
17. Maximum diameter of adjacent tool: 80mm
18. Tool length: 300mm
19. Tool weight: 8kg
20. Overall positioning accuracy: 0.008mm
21. Repositioning accuracy(X/Y/Z): 0.004mm
22. Guideway type: Roller line rail
23. Diameter/screw: 40/16mm
24. Cutting fluid tank: 180L
25. Lubrication system: 3L
26. Nc system brand: Windwin21s
27. Barometric demand: 0.55-0.65mpa
28. power capacity: 25kva
29. Machine weight: 6900kg
30. Floor space: 2650x2250x2650mm

Machine Details:

The machine tool is an industrial master machine.Mainly used in ships, automobiles, power generation equipment, auto parts, molds, mining equipment, etc.

Compared to gray castings and welded structures, it has significantly better damping properties.This ensures greater dynamic stability of the bed structure in ultra-fast and high-precision production machines. lts excellent thermal stability means that it is not susceptible to short-term temperature-related effects.

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