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Multi Sarana Industrindo sebagai agent dan distributor berbagai kebutuhan perusahaan anda dengan bermacam-macam merk dan product seperti + GF+ SI

Sliding Panel Saw Machine Woodworking Machinery

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01 / 12 / 2023
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Multi Sarana Industrindo sebagai agent dan distributor berbagai kebutuhan perusahaan anda dengan bermacam-macam merk dan product

Detail Sliding Panel Saw Machine Woodworking Machinery

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With a regular panel saw table, the craftsman is standing directly in line with the blade; with a sliding table saw, the craftsman is standing beside it, not in line with it. Feeding a workpiece through the blade simply by moving the table the workpiece sits on makes the task both easy and safe. Clamps hold the workpiece in place, and the craftsman is not in the line of danger.
Sliding table panel saws have a sliding table that allows the operator to push the board manually through the saw blade.
On some saws the settings are all manually adjusted, but on others they can be computer controlled.


1. High precision machining equipment can ensure the high quality and fast&stable delivery time.
2. Using our own laser machine to cutting machine body,so the machine is more beautiful and with high precision.
3. The saw shaft are all precision-machined by CNC lathes and CNC grinders. The error is almost 0.
4. All the working area and specifications can be customized according to your requests.

The composition of the sliding panel saw machine :

1) frame; 2) main saw part; 3) groove saw part; 4) transverse guide baffle; 5) fixed table; 6) sliding table; 7) oblique saw guide; 8) bracket; 9) Saw angle display device; 10) side guide baffle.

2.1 Saw blades size and power:

The main structural feature of precision panel saws is the use of two saw blades, the main saw blade and the groove saw blade. When cutting, groove saw pre-cut boards in advance, to make a groove on the bottom which depth from 1 to 2 mm and width of 0.1 to 0.2 mm thicker than the main saw blade. It can ensure the edge of the kerf does not tear when the main blade is cutting and get a good sawing quality. The groove blade has a small diameter, usually around 120 mm, and is driven by a separate motor. The saw blade speed is generally above 9000r/min, and the cutting speed is generally 56-60m/s. The groove saw blade is required to align with the main saw blade in the same vertical plane.

The diameter of the main saw blade typically is 300-400 mm, is driven by the main motor through the V-belt. According to the main saw blade diameter and the type of processing plate, the main saw blade can be changed by the tower wheel. The tower wheel shifting structure is simple and belongs to constant power output, which is more in line with the actual needs of wood processing. The power of the main motor is generally 4 to 9 kW. In order to make the speed adjustment easy to use a special V-belt, it is guaranteed that a single belt can meet the required power transmission. The rotation speed of the main saw blade is generally 3000-6000r/min, and the distance between the main saw blade and the groove saw blade is generally about 100 mm.

2.2 Saw blades processing:

Another main structural feature of the sliding table saw is that groove saw blade and main saw blade are fixed, and the moving table made of the aluminum profile carrying the processed plate member is moved forward and backward to finish the sawing process. Due to the special structure of the guide plate of the moving table, the manual sliding and feeding is light and labor-saving, and the machining precision is high.

2.3. Panel saw bed

Most of the bed of precision cutting saws are welded with steel plates with a thickness of 5~6mm, which is stable and beautiful. It can ensure that the early sawing and cutting process does not produce tilting and twisting. The fixed workbench is fixed on the top of the bed. The casting part is required to be flat and not deformed, and is provided with a longitudinal cutting guide.

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