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Mitsubishi AC inverter FR-E700 series

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15 / 03 / 2021
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Multi Sarana Industrindo sebagai agent dan distributor berbagai kebutuhan perusahaan anda dengan bermacam-macam merk dan product

Detail Mitsubishi AC Inverter FR-E700 Series

The new powerhouse With 11 million frequency inverter drives already sold, Mitsubishi Electric now introduces its latest generation of compact inverters, the new FR-E700 series. In addition to better features and performance than their predecessors, the models in the new series are also more compact and even easier to install. Improvements include an integrated USB port, an integrated one-touch Digital Dial control with a display, improved power usage at low speeds and an expansion slot compatible with the many option cards from the 700 series. All this makes the FR-E700 an economical and highly-versatile solution for a wide range of applications from textiles machines to door and gate drive systems to material handling systems. Intelligent functions for every application Sensorless Vector Control Advanced autotuning Overload capacity increased to 200% for 3 seconds Brake chopper Torque limiting External brake handling Integrated control unit Powerful software Integrated USB port Self-diagnostics for reliable operation Side by side mounting Responsive technology To protect both staff and valuable machinery the new FR-E700 series is packed with innovative functions that enable the inverters to respond with great sensitivity to a variety of external events. Controlled deceleration for brief power failures Automatic restart after power failures An investment in the future Long lifetime – Frequency inverter drives from Mitsubishi Electric are famous for their reliability and longevity. The FR-E700 is designed for a service life of over 10 years. Among other things, this is made possible by high-performance heat-resistant capacitors, cooling fans with sealed bearings and special lubricating greases. The flows of cooling air only come into contact with the heat sinks, not with the electronic components, ensuring that no dust or dirt can collect on the components. The circuit boards are very well protected against aggressive environments with single or double coatings of varnish – another feature that ensures a longer service life. Fast servicing – The fans are designed as compact units that can be replaced in less than 10 seconds for cleaning or in the event of failure. Even replacing the entire inverter is a quick and simple operation – there is no wiring work at all because the terminal block is removable. Versatile design Compact installation – The installation footprint is the same as that of the predecessor models but the FR-E700 units can now be installed directly next to one another. Heat dissipation has been optimised by designing the heat sinks so that they can now be installed outside the switchgear cabinet. Flexible connection and expansion – FR-E700 inverters can be connected to RTU Modbus and network systems like Profibus/ DP, CC-Link, DeviceNet and LonWorks. Specifications FR-E720S FR-E740 Output range 0.1 kW - 2.2 kW 0.4 kW - 15 kW Protective structure IP20 Power supply ( 50/ 60Hz) 1-phase 200 - 240V 3-phase 380 - 480V Output frequency 0.2 - 400Hz RF suppression optional Filter
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