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Multi Sarana Industrindo sebagai agent dan distributor berbagai kebutuhan perusahaan anda dengan bermacam-macam merk dan product seperti + GF+ SI

Keyence Optical Fiberr Sensors FS-N & FU

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07 / 12 / 2019
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Multi Sarana Industrindo sebagai agent dan distributor berbagai kebutuhan perusahaan anda dengan bermacam-macam merk dan product

Detail Keyence Optical Fiberr Sensors FS-N & FU

Fiber Optic Sensor FS-N Series ( FS-neo) Digital Fiberoptic Sensor NEW In addition to its MEGA power, the FS-N Series ( FS-neo) introduces unprecedented setup ease with one click operation. NU Series Network Communication Unit NEW Dramatic reduction in wiring and installation time. Only a single communication cable is required between the PC/ PLC and the NU Series for wiring. FS-V30 Series Mega Power Sensor The new MEGA-Power, MEGA-Easy and MEGA-Stable FS-V30 digital fiber optic sensor. High power beam for stable detection in harsh environments. FS-V20 Series Dual Digital Display Amplifier The FS-V20 dual display amplifier allows users to view both the Preset and Current Values. Function layout is simple and reliable FS01 Series High Accuracy Fiber Optic Sensors FS01 series fiber optic sensors and Tough-Flex optical fibers offer an extraordinary range of performance benefits. FU Series Fiber Optic Sensor Head Unit Variations Complete line of fiber units from Unbreakable Fiber, Long-distance and small spot. Select the type best suited to your application CZ-V20 Series High Powered RGB Digital Fiberoptic Sensor Digital, 7 light color combinations RGB fiberoptic sensor with 16-bit accuracy. Including a new UV sensor head, luster detection head, 2-color digital display and unique color element detection. Detects targets conventional sensors cannot. CZ Series RGB Digital Fiber Optic Type Digital, RGB fiber optic sensor with 2-color digital display and 3 sensing modes. Detects targets conventional sensors cannot. Photoelectric Sensor PS-N Series Digital Photoelectric Sensor NEW High environmental resistance & cable extension capabilities provide increased installation versatility PX Series Heavy-Duty Photoelectric Sensor The new PX Series heavy-duty industrial photoelectric sensors. Rugged industrial sensors designed for use in harsh environments. PZ-G Series Self-contained Threaded Sensors High-power, dual LED-type photoelectric sensors for improved performance and ease of use. PZ-V/ M Series Self-contained Photoelectric Sensors Automatic calibration type. Virtually eliminates all detection and stability problems inherent with conventional photoelectric sensors. PZ2 Series Self-contained Photoelectric Sensors The PZ2 series micro-optical sensors with built-in amplifiers are small, waterproof, and have the ability to detect transparent objects. PS01 Series One Touch Calibration Amplifier Separate-amplifier photoelectric sensors with a variety of sensor heads from a thin compact type to a chemical-resistant type.
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