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Multi Sarana Industrindo sebagai agent dan distributor berbagai kebutuhan perusahaan anda dengan bermacam-macam merk dan product seperti + GF+ SI

Heavy Duty Big Lathe CW61125

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09 / 03 / 2024
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1 Unit


Multi Sarana Industrindo sebagai agent dan distributor berbagai kebutuhan perusahaan anda dengan bermacam-macam merk dan product

Detail Heavy Duty Big Lathe CW61125

Multi Sarana Industrindo menjual berbagai macam kebutuhan industri, seperti : metal conductivity tester, oil flow meter/oil control valve, paper thickness gauge, pressure gauge, alat ukur minyak, alat ukur makanan, alat ukur kimia, alat ukur metalurgi, alat ukur tenaga listrik, radiation detector, detektor radiasi, dosimeter alarm radiasi pribadi, alat detektor radiasi nuklir, Mesin Bubut.

Main Features:

1. Perform internal and external turning, taper turning, end facing, and other rotary parts turning;
2. Threading Inch, Metric, Module and D.P.;
3. Perform drilling, boring and groove broaching;
4. Respectively with through-hole spindle bore, that can hold bar stocks in larger diameters;
5. Both Inch and Metric system are used on these series lathes, it’s easy for people from different measuring systems countries;
6. There are hand brake and foot brake for users to choose;
7. Power supply of different voltages (220V/380V/420V) and different frequencies (50Hz,60Hz) are available.


1. Swing over bed: 1250mm
2. Bed width: 755mm
3. Workpiece length: 1500/ 3000/ 5000/ 6000/ 8000/ 15000mm
4. Swing over toolpost: 865mm
5. Max. turning length: 1300/ 2800/ 4800/5800/7800/14800mm
6. Toolpost feed kinds each spindle rotate: 56 kinds
7. Toolpost cross feed range each spindle rotate: 0.1-12mm/r
8. Toolpost longitudinal feed range each spindle rotate: 0.05-6mm/r
9. Upper toolpost: 0.025-3mm/r
10. Metric thread: 43 kinds 1-20mm
11. Inch thread: 29 kinds 28-3/8 teeth / inch
12. Module thread: 45kinds 0.5-60mm
13. Pitch thread: 25 kinds 1-56mm
14. Spindle bore: 130mm
15. Spindle front taper: Metric 140
16. Spindle speed steps and range forward: 21 kinds 2-200r/min
17. Reverse: 12 kinds 2.24-178 r/min
18. Max.section of tool: 45×45mm
19. Toolpost longitudinal travel: 630mm
20. Upper toolpost travel: 300mm
21. Toolpost rapid movement Longitudinal/Cross/Upper: 3470/1870/935mm/min
22. Center sleeve dia and travel: 160×300mm
23. Tailstock taper: MT6
24. Tailstock longitudinal movement: ±25
25. Main motor: Y180L-4 22KW
26. Main transsion V belt specification: 2134C 2235C 2540C
27. Carriage rapid motor: JC02-21-2-1.5KW
28. Coolant pump: JCB-45 0.15KW
29. Coolant pump flow: 45L/min

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